Ozone Treatment Services

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Ozone Treatment Services

So you’ve cleaned the drapes, mopped the floors, you even took out the trash and still can’t find out where that nasty smell is coming from. Have you ever considered that it might be your carpet? Ozone is a chemical designed to eliminate bacteria causing orders to give your carpet a fresher scent.

Where Do Odors Come From?

Odors can come from anything from a messy house to smoke damage caused by a fire. These smells aren’t just unsavory for your senses. They also can be dangerous. Many odor particles stay airborne for days. This gets even worse if the root of the problem is not dealt with immediately. That’s why there’s ozone treatment to help eliminate odors completely so that you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) or trioxygen is a molecule that takes the appearance of blue gas. This gas is both naturally occurring and artificial. When it is man-made, it is used to react to other molecules in the air in a way that purifies anything it comes into contact with. It is highly reactive and when used to eliminate smells, it penetrates deep into carpets, walls, and anywhere there is air to destroy any odor causing molecules.

Foul Odor

What’s the Process Like?

Firstly, remove yourself and your family as well as any pets and plants. Next, an ozone generator is brought in and turned on for a certain amount of time depending on various conditions of your home, such as the size of your living space or the overall messiness of the house. After the process is complete, which can last for hours, it needs to be checked by a professional to ensure the air is safe for use. Finally, after the air is certifiably clean, it is safe to return home.

You’ll be surprised at just how well ozone works to eliminate odors from your home. Even if you’ve tried everything else, ozone acts in a way that penetrates deep into surfaces that can’t be reached by human work alone. This guarantees a fresher smelling house. Try ozone treatment services today and see for yourself just how well it improves your indoor air quality!

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I was impressed with Justin and the pride he took in his work. He went out of his way to accommodate the timing and special needs of my situation. I would definitely recommend him and hire again.


They went the extra mile to ensure the vent was clean and made sure everything was put back in order after completing the work. Top notch job! Would definitely recommend!

It went great. There were very professional. Showed me before and after photos of each vent as they were cleaning.
Excellent, Fair price, quality Service and efficient. Will definitely hire again.
Jeremy was awesome! Kept in contact with me during the ‘time window’. Explained what was going on & provided tips & suggestions for the future. Would hire again & recommend to others.

Justin had previously cleaned our ducts and we sought him out for the carpet cleaning when we sold our home. The carpets looked great and the new owners were impressed with the cleaning. He is very prompt, professional and delivers high quality and fair pricing. He also texted his ETA and which was helpful as we were busy with the move. I highly recommend Mile High Air Duct and Carpet Cleaning!


My experience with Mile High was extremely positive. Justin is easy to communicate with and his work is superior. Service was punctual, dependable and thorough. I will most certainly use these services again as well as future carpet cleaning.


The process was seamless. It took a few hours to clean all of our vents in our house. Once he was done with the services, he went over everything with me and let me know that the vents were really dirty and showed me the before/after of what was cleaned. I highly recommend this company, very professional.


Great! Justin is passionate about his work, very polite, considerate and very thorough. Price charged was so much more reasonable than larger franchises and we prefer to support small businesses whenever possible. Definitely recommend him and would hire him again for any future services.

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